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We do not provide electricity at the plots during high season. However, there is a common area for charging devices. Using the outdoor solar showers is less energy-consuming.

Hairdryers are allowed only during maximum sunshine hours i.e. 12 o’clock - 5pm.





Our water comes from a well which can dry up with excessive use. Please take this into acount when showering indoors and also when washing dishes, etc.

​The outdoor solar showers are less water consuming


We provide rubbish bags.

Waste is not being collected, and each family is responsible for the disposal of their own waste.

Some organic waste may be left on the site’s compost : fruit & vegetable leftovers and peelings, as well as leftover coffee/tea/herbal tea.


Proper use of the toilets is important as they are connected to the septic tank. You may not throw toilet paper, wipes or other sanitary towels/tampons into the toilet. These must be placed in the bin next to the toilet.


The waste water go into a septic tank. Its proper use avoids bad smells.

To this effect, please ONLY USE ecological soap, shampoo and detergents.


Due to the size of the place and its access, no caravans or big camping cars/motorhomes are allowed.

The maximum size of the vehicle should not exceed 6m.

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